Bee Pollenate Body & Hair Oil

Bee Pollenate Body & Hair Oil

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Apply to the tips of your hair or directly to the skin to soften and moisturize.


Fractionated Coconut Oil
made from coconut oil
  - softens
  - hydrates
  - readily absorbs
  - increases essential oil distribution

Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil
  - anti-inflammatory
  - anti-oxidant

Key Lime Essential Oil
  - anti-aging
  - antioxidant

Bergamot Essential Oil
The bergamot plant grows a citrus fruit. This oil is cold compressed from the fruit’s peel
  - diminishes marks and scars
  - evens out pigmentation
  - relaxant
  - antibacterial

Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil
steam-distilled from Bulgarian rose petals
  - anti-depressant
  - tones and lifts skin
  - fades scars
  - antimicrobial
  - anti-inflammatory

Tangerine Essential Oil
cold compressed from the fruit’s peels
  - soothes inflammation
  - promotes cell regeneration


1 oz. glass bottle with a gold spray top and cap.

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